I Save My Daughter – #writephoto

I Save My Daughter – #writephoto
Where was Lanny? For the past half an hour I had been searching every nook and corner of the sea-shore for her. I was in an absolute frenzy with worry. Oh God! I would never be able to forgive myself if anything happened to my Lanny. My mind was filled with dark fears. Oh! That playful daughter of mine! Never listens to her dear mama!  
How many times had I told her not to venture out on her own? Oh God! My only daughter! So young and so innocent! I can’t lose her. I simply can’t. I had already lost a son and Lanny was the apple of my eye. I wanted to bring her up to be a strong young adult. How many times had I dreamt of Lanny’s children playing around me when I became old? I moved as fast as my legs could carry me. I hunted everywhere.  
I had taught Lanny to take care of herself. I had repeated the rules a thousand times to herI had repeatedly told her not to go too far. I stopped to catch my breath. I looked at the sea and the waves. The sea was unusually quiet that day. After two minutes, I began hunting again. I moved between two rocks. Suddenly I spotted Lanny trying to hide. I ran behind her and grabbed her quickly.  
‘Oh! Lanny! My darling! Come fast,’ I said and marched her back home. In a few minutes, we were back inside our small house. And we were just in time. The crab-catchers came with their nets just a few minutes after we were inside our crevice in the rocks. Thank God Lanny was not going to be roasted over a slow fire to feed some bloody human being that morning. 
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