A Review of the DESIGNEVO logo design site

A Review of the DESIGNEVO logo design site

I have never fancied myself as a person with great skills in the art of creative design. So when DESIGNEVO approached me with a request to review their logo design site I was slightly apprehensive about taking up the task. But the idea of coming up with a logo for my blog site was so appealing that I agreed. The image you see above is the final product of my efforts to come up with a logo for my site. Sorry, I should not say it is the final product for I am still in the process of experimenting with newer ideas.

Thanks to DESIGNEVO’s excellent and easy to use tools, my interest in designing has been piqued and what began as a one-time attempt at designing a logo has now translated into a keen interest in the art of designing. Now let me come to the DESIGNEVO site itself. First thing I noticed was the ease with which one can learn to use the features of the site and come up with excellent logos in a very short time. The interface is very clean and just a little bit of experimentation is enough to teach even novices the art of designing logos. Just click on the ‘Create from Scratch’ button and immediately you will be provided with a fresh canvas.
You can use a variety of popular icons like YouTube, circle, star, music and so on. Here is an image displaying popular music icons.

There is an excellent ‘Text’ tool available which you can use to add text to your logo. There are a large number of fonts to choose from. These are conveniently classified into the various types like BOLD, Modern, Traditional, Handwriting and so on. Here is an image.

Text can be easily resized, and the colours of your text can be changed very easily. Speaking of colours, you can choose flat colours or gradients, whichever you please. Here is an image of the text tool in action.


You can insert shapes into your logos. The shapes are classified into Badges, Line, Decoration and so on. The shapes can be decorated by using the colour tool. Here is an image of decorative shapes. 

Then there is the background which can be changed. You can have a transparent or opaque background. Here is an image.


You are given the option to use pre-existing templates. For a nominal price, some exceedingly beautiful customisable templates are available. You can find templates for any kind of business. Templates are available for Financial sites, Pet sites, Art, Photography, Travel and there is even a section called abstract for blog sites like mine which cannot be categorized into any particular niche.


When you download the logo, DESIGNEVO provides several copies of the logo. A high-resolution jpeg, a png and a transparent png can be downloaded to your system.
Here is a summary of the important positives I found in the DESIGNEVO site.
1. Ease of use. Clean interface with no unwanted buttons for complicated tasks.

2. Takes very little time and effort to come up with an excellent logo.

3. Ease of learning. Just a little bit of experimentation and voila! you understand the process.

4. A large number of templates for almost any type of business is available at a nominal price.

5. A large number of fonts are available.

6. Mesmerizing icons and beautiful shapes to give character and finesse to your logo.

7. A large number of solid and gradient colours to choose from to create logos with excellent colour combinations.
I did notice one or two negatives. Here they are.
1. I tried to create a rectangular canvas and found that it has to be done by modifying the size parameters and varying the width and height manually. I would like a facility to select the entire canvas with the mouse and changing the layout by dragging handles if possible. But  being a software professional myself I can understand the difficulties in doing that. I guess one has to begin with something standard.

2. Moving blocks of text, shapes etc needs a wee bit of getting used to.
But apart from these little things DESIGNEVO comes across as an excellent site for getting your logos designed. User-friendly, convenient, nominally priced and simply great.

My Rating for the DESIGNEVO site – 4/5

To visit the DESIGNEVO site click here.
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