The Five-Set Thriller

The Five-Set Thriller
The world-famous scientist Professor Lucio Einstein stared at the latest robot he had created in puzzlement. He had named the robot Andrei after his country’s famous retired tennis star Andrei Agassi as he intended the robot to have the ability to play tennis. But the robot had steadfastly refused to pick up the tennis racquet he had placed in front of it.
In another week he created Andrei’s partner to be, Roger named after the Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. The professor’s assistants let the two robots out of their cases on the tennis field hoping for a match the next day morning. Roger immediately picked up his tennis racquet and jumped up and down raring to go.
But Andrei just refused to budge. When Lucio tried to put the racquet into his hand he simply dropped it. A week passed by and Lucio tried all the programming changes he could make, but Andrei refused to take the tennis racquet into his hands. Lucio was puzzled. Why was this happening?
That night Professor Einstein suddenly got an idea. He worked on another robot for a week. This robot was a female prototype. On D-Day, Professor Einstein’s assistants let Andrei and the female prototype out of their cases on the tennis field. Andrei still refused to pick up the racquet.
Professor Einstein walked up to Andrei and whispered something in his ears. Suddenly Andrei’s face brightened, and the two robots picked up their tennis racquets and they played a five-set-thriller which the female prototype won. As they were making their way back to the lab after the game with the robots safely in their cases, one of Lucio’s assistants asked him, ‘What did you tell Andrei?’
‘I told him the lady who was about to play tennis with him was named Steffi after Andrei Agassi’s wife, tennis player Steffi Graf,’ chuckled Lucio. 

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