One Too Many

One Too Many
Zak looked at the redhead seated opposite him and marveled at her thirst for alcohol. She had been consuming whiskey ever since they had arrived at the club. This was their first date.
‘Rita, do stop drinking,’ Zak said with concern. That is the 4th glass of whiskey you have had. Even three is one too many.’ 
‘You want me sober for bed isn’t it?’ asked Rita.
‘I don’t believe in jumping into bed on first dates,’ replied Zak charmingly.
‘My, my, aren’t you grand,’ replied Rita.
‘I like to take things slowly, said Zak. I believe in understanding the woman with whom I want to have a relationship. Nor do I believe in one-night stands.’ 
‘Your sentiments do you credit Zak,’ said Rita. ‘Won’t you ask me for a dance?’
‘But of course, Rita’ said Zak with a smile.
They stood up and moved to the dance floor. She was like a delicate flower in his arms, fresh and unspoiled by the vicissitudes of life. The odor of whiskey in her breath only accentuated her beauty. Zak realized he was enjoying holding her in his arms.
‘Oh! You are so manly!’ whispered Rita into his ears.
Soon they got back to their table and looked into each other’s eyes like moon-struck lovers.
‘Take it slow, Zak. No false moves,’ Zak thought to himself.
‘Let us order food,’ said Rita suddenly.
They ordered a couple of Cheeseburgers, baby-back pork ribs, beef sausages and a rice dish. Zak enjoyed the food and looked forward to what was to come after it. Zak usually cultivated women he was interested in over a period of time. But this girl seemed to be keen to push things forward quickly. He did not mind. This would be a new experience.
After dinner, they danced again and left the club at 10 PM. They got into the car and wondering whether he was rushing things, Zak asked her, ‘Where to?’
‘Where to? Of course, to some hotel room where we can be alone darling,’ said Rita mischievously. ‘Unless you don’t want to have any fun.’
Zak grinned impishly, and they soon checked into a seedy hotel where no questions were asked. They took the lift and as soon as they entered their room Zak grabbed Rita.
‘No darling! Let us do it my way,’ said Rita and pushed him into the bed. 
She walked over to the mirror table and placed her handbag on it and looked at herself in the mirror. She turned around and faced him. Slowly she unbuttoned her gown and stood in her bra and panties. Zak’s eyes grew wide.
Suddenly Rita picked her handbag from the table and put her hand into it as Zak watched. She pulled out a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver and in one quick smooth motion aimed it at Zak’s forehead and pulled the trigger. Zak slumped on the bed very dead. 
Rita walked over to the bed, looked at Zak’s dead face and said, ‘That is for my sister Julie.’ She dressed calmly, picked up her handbag, took the lift and left the hotel through the back door.
The next day the headlines in the newspapers screamed.
‘The serial killer Zakaria Wilson who was suspected of the murder of ten women in Oregon state was found shot dead in a hotel room today morning.  He was seen entering the hotel with a redhead last night around 11 PM. He had been eluding the long arm of the law for quite some time. The police suspect the redhead was headed for the same fate as his other victims. But he had tried his act too many times. One time too many.’

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