FFfAW Challenge – 174th Challenge

FFfAW Challenge – 174th Challenge
Soapy Sid crouched in the bushes opposite the house with the post-box. He was waiting for his partner in crime Snoopy Sam. The owners of the house had gone on a vacation. He fidgeted impatiently. What was delaying Snoopy? There was no one in the street and the house appeared empty. This would be the right time to burgle the house.
It had taken a long time for Soapy and Snoopy to rekindle their partnership after the last time Soapy had tried to double-cross Snoopy. Soapy had taken Snoopy to church and swore that he would be ethical and never betray Snoopy again. They had pulled four heists together after that and hidden the loot. Soapy had remained loyal. Suddenly the post-box flew open in a gust of wind and a piece of paper floated out. Soapy darted out and picked it up and read.
‘Think you are the only one who can play the game old man? I have made away with all our takings. Catch me if you can. Snoopy’
Number of words – 173

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