Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – A Trail Of Rich Heiresses

Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – A Trail Of Rich Heiresses
Susan carefully stuffed the old man’s underwear into torn canvas boots. She placed the boots on the narrow platform adjacent to the wall. This was the red herring. She looked at Richard nearby who was gently pushing the man’s dead body over the wall. They had followed the same method in each crime. 

And each murder left behind a rich young widow. The headlines had screamed, ‘Serial killer murders old men leaving behind rich heiresses. Police baffled.’ There was only one difference in this case. This old man was Susan’s husband. Soon Susan and Richard would be very rich indeed.

Author’s Note: Written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s prompt is from Courtney Wright. Please find other entries here.

21 Thoughts to “Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – A Trail Of Rich Heiresses”

  1. Nicely done. Why the underwear in the boots? Is it a red herring for the police to get confused by?

  2. Dear Jai,

    Hm…so is Richard the serial killer? Quite the MOS..stuffing underwear into the boots.



  3. Creepy pair, these two. I think they deserve each other and will come to no good end.

  4. Jai

    Yes Rochelle. Actually Susan and Richard are just trying to create the illusion of a serial killer by killing a number of old men and leaving behind rich widows. That way they would not be suspected of killing Susan's husband as that too would be attributed to the serial killer. Stuffing the underwear in the boots is just a red herring to confuse the police. Actually, all they are interested in is in killing Susan's rich old husband so that Susan can inherit his money. Richard is her paramour and partner in crime.

  5. Ah, the ultimate way to create an alibi, kill lots of other unrelated people first. Nice plan!

  6. They planned their work & worked their plan!
    So many people dead just so that they can avoid suspicion. What people can do for riches!

  7. "Where do you hide a leaf? In a forest" G K Chesterton

  8. I don't think they'll get away with this!

  9. Very sinister couple. The husband and wife don't get a chance in your stories, don't they Jai? Nice double bluff there.

  10. Oh wow!! Nice twist on the prompt! Love a mystery. Wonder if they will get found out??? Hmmm…

  11. Anonymous

    Read your reply to Rochelle. It confirmed my surmise!

  12. Have they been very clever? On the face of it it seems so, for now at least.

    My FriFic tale is called Jim and Jan!

  13. They can't get away with it!

  14. Yikes!! Loved the red herring. Hiding her own husband's murder among other murders…very clever. 😀

  15. Well I guess that's a great plan if you want to murder your husband 😉

  16. Well done!!! Loved the little touch of the underwear in the boots.

  17. Very crafty. Not sure why they took his underwear off, but if one can kill so easily, I guess nothing is impossible. Well done.

  18. Nice thought. Interesting indeed. Liked the short fiction.

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