A Letter To My Daughter To Be Read After My Time – #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

A Letter To My Daughter To Be Read After My Time – #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

My Darling Baby,

From the time you came into our lives on that day in January long ago, you have been a constant source of joy to me and your mother. You came into our lives like a breath of fresh air scented with the sweet fragrance of parenthood. When I set eyes on you for the first time, my joy knew no bounds. You looked so innocent and helpless. I immediately took you into my arms and wanted to shield you from all that is harmful in this big bad world.

I wanted your life to be a roller coaster ride from one happy day to another. I wanted to shield you from every sorrow that you may face in your life. In fact, I felt so much love for you that I could not contain myself. I wanted you to live the kind of life where you never get to know the meaning of sorrow. As you grew up I remember bathing you. I remember changing your clothes.

I remember holding you in my arms and feeding you. I remember the Lego set which I presented you on your fifth birthday. Even at that tender age of five, you used to be a very creative child. I remember the skyscrapers you built with the Lego pieces. I remember pointing out the Petronas Towers to you in the television once and you immediately built a model of the towers with the Lego pieces all by yourself. My joy knew no bounds when I saw that model.

At that point in time I had made up my mind I was going to educate you to become a Civil engineer or an architect. Do you remember riding on my back and pretending that I was an elephant? I was a rather over-weight elephant and you would relentlessly urge me to move faster. When you secured A grades in all the subjects in the kindergarten and the 1st and 2nd grades my joy knew no bounds. 

I remember the day when you recited a story for your first performance on stage. You were a frightened little child and were overwhelmed by the huge audience waiting to hear you. You could not utter a word and tears started flowing down your cheeks. I was sitting among the audience feeling miserable and with my customary lack of presence of mind did not know what to do. As usual, it was your mother with her quick thinking mind who took charge of the situation and walked right onto the stage and joined you. The two of you recited the story together and there was thunderous applause all around.  

That completely got rid of your stage fear. Then you began learning the Violin. And when your violin teacher would get impatient with you when you made a mistake or two with the notes, I would see red and feel like throwing him out of the house. It was your mother, with her long experience in teaching, who would pacify me and assure me that it was all part of the learning process.

During those days I would never tire of boasting to my colleagues about your prowess with the violin and would insist on showing them the videos of each one of your stage performances again and again. I did this so often that people began making excuses to avoid me when I would approach them with my mobile phone on hand. I remember how the cool breeze would blow your hair across your face as we would stand at your bus stop waiting to catch your school bus. You would tell me all about the pranks you and your friends play on each other. Just looking at you and listening to your endless chatter would make my day for me. Coming back from office in the evening and having you rushing into my arms yelling “Daddy!” is something that is etched in my mind.

It has always been your mother who has been the more practical and stronger one between the two of us. It was she who taught me that as a parent I have to let go of you at some point or the other. It was she who brought home the harsh reality that I cannot shield you from the relentless heat of the summers or the cold winters of the human seasons.

It was she who had the courage to allow you to cross the highway just outside our apartment building by yourself the first time. It was she who urged me to allow you to visit the library by yourself the first time. Your life is full of joy and fun today. I am thankful that you have a very resilient nature and are never upset with anything for too long. You are a child who loves to laugh. My advice to you is to smile at everything life throws at you. Face life with courage and equanimity. Learn the art of never giving up. I know you are a very brave girl. 

But you are young. Life is mother nature’s way of preparing us for something higher. Each stage in life teaches us a new lesson. Some of these lessons are sweet and very enjoyable. Some lessons are difficult to learn and are very harsh. No matter what kind of learning process life puts you through remember these words from your old man: life is meant for living and being happy and not for frittering away in sorrow and misery.

Fight for what you want courageously and fairly. Give other people their due. Learn to respect the intellect of even people whom you dislike. For if you look closely, you will find that no matter how bad people may appear on the surface there is always some good in everybody. We are all made of flesh and blood and are trying to go through the journey of life to the best of our abilities. 

Remember my child, my blessings are always with you. I will be watching you from high above, among the stars. Oh my baby, may God be with you and may you always flourish in life.

Your loving Dad.

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15 thoughts on “A Letter To My Daughter To Be Read After My Time – #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #InstaCuppa”

  1. A lovely heartfelt letter . A father and daughter share a beautiful bond . Your advice to your daughter is very good that learn from the intellect of even those you don't like . But more credit goes to her mother for making her a confident courageous girl . I would love to meet your daughter one day . I could relate to it more bcoz I also feel similar for my daughter . Great post

  2. Such honest emotions, truly your daughter is blessed to have loving parents like you. Your words reminded me of my own father and the sacrifices he has made for us. Yes the mother's love is the more glorified but the love of a father cannot be explained in words.

  3. really heart touching…your emotions was so pure and heart felt..and I would be able to get connected with it instantly..thanks! please read my week 8 post herehttps://surbhiprapannablogs.blogspot.com/2018/04/week8-superbloggerchallenge2018-with.html

  4. Beautifully written and relatable. Parents have love and worries in equal proportion. No one can love a child more than parents. I was also planning to write a letter but due to time constraints, had to make peace with a product review.

  5. Wow, Jai! You are blessed with a beautiful and loving family. It was lovely reading this heart-felt letter to your daughter. I´m certain that she has imbibed the best of you and your wife. Love how wise the conclusion was – there is something good in everyone ..however bad they may seem on the surface. 🙂 Great advice from a great Dad. 🙂 May God always bless you all and stay blessed! 🙂

  6. That was a trult heartfelt and well written post Jai. Your love for your daughter shines through every letter you have written. I am sure whenever she gets to read this she will be elated and proud of you.


  7. Jai, this letter made me cry. I love my father so much and while reading this I got to remember a similar note that he shared before I got married. Like you did, my father used to show my marks and my medals to everyone in his office. My mother is a tough parent but Papa is still very calm and emotional for his daughters. I feel Fathers are always caring and more tender than the mothers, especially for daughters. I wish your daughter a bright future and a happy life ahead. Not sure she read this post, but whenever she does, she will feel out of the world.

    1. Thanks for visiting Neha. I have only one child and my daughter is everything in this world for me. Happy that you could relate to my post.

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