A Wee Bit Of Anguish This Morn

A Wee Bit Of Anguish This Morn

My heart is pounding with anguish this morn,

at the thought of losing something that never was mine,
I have lost something that never belonged to me,
to begin with in the first place.
They say souls meet from eternity to eternity,
they say we are all the same inside,
that it is the physical form, the body, that differs,
but we are all made of the same essence, the soul.
Why then do I feel this misery unbearable,
at losing the smiling face,
that bewitched me all these days,
for it belongs to someone else today.
I wish I could dilate time,
and become a twenty-something again,
and fight for what I want,
changing the shape of reality.
The world laughs at my agony,
for an old man’s heart does not count for much,
he does not have the right to feel,
emotions that are forbidden to him. 
My head understands the wisdom in these norms,
of the society and the world,
but when I tell my heart to listen to my head,
it refuses with a stubborn defiance.
I suddenly shake my body with a jerk,
which brings me back to my full senses,
I cannot allow this miasma of sorrow,
to overtake my body and soul.
I have my duties to my near and dear ones,
who have given me a life to live,
I clench my fist and tell myself,
come what may, life is still worth fighting for.
With that, I write the last stanza of this poem,
strong in mind and strong in will,
that I will fight the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
and rise from the stepping stones of my dead self.

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