On My Baby’s Eleventh Birthday

On My Baby’s Eleventh Birthday

Oh my little one, the joy of my life,
you came into my house years ago and set it alive,
with a breath of fresh air like the sweet scent of rose,
till then I was waiting for a whiff of fresh life.

My little darling, when you laugh uproariously,
with twinkling eyes and mouth open wide,
my heart pounds with joy and fills with love, 
thank god I have you if not anything else in life.

When we go for walks together in the park,
your innocent chatter lightens my heart,
you make my heart fill with love and warmth,
I feel love for you that is boundless and infinite.

I know sometimes you are afraid of me,
when I lose my temper and make the house shake,
which is why, your mummy and you my little one,
sometimes call me Sher khan the frightening lion.

But my little girl, your old man means no harm,
he just has a hot temper but at heart he is warm,
full of love and affection for you and your mummy,
he would rather die than hurt you or your mom.

Every morning I wake up and enter your room,
I see your lovely face and the abundant lustrous hair,
I bend down and kiss you gently on the cheeks,
you smile in your sleep and I think you know it is your dad. 

Today you are eleven and in the sixth grade,
happy birthday, my baby and many happy returns of the day,
may you live long and celebrate a hundred birthdays,
may god grant you every wish in every one of those years.

One day you will grow up to be a pretty young woman,
you will find the prince of your dreams and the love of your life,
you will take leave of this old man of yours,
do not forget your old dad, oh my sweet baby.

Happy birthday once again, my sweet darling,
It is not enough if I say it a million times,
for the amount of joy you have given me and your mom,
cannot be equaled with a million birthday wishes.

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