On My Ten Year Old Daughter

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My Sweet Princess

My little princess is ten years old,
when she smiles her eyes sing and dance,
when I hear her laughter and squeals of joy,
in her hands I am nothing but a toy.

When I come back home after a tiring day,
to the melodious tunes of her violin strings,
the troubles of my life are washed away,
ah, the peace to my mind that brings!

When I listen to her incessant natter,
full of innocent and non-stop chatter,
I close my eyes and smile to myself,
yes indeed, I have a pixie for a daughter.

My little princess wants to be a pilot,
flying high above in the blue sky like a condor,
she has promised to take her mummy and daddy,
to Venice, Shanghai, New York and yonder.

When we are waiting to catch the school bus,
she grins wryly telling me the first lesson is Maths,
I look at her sternly telling her learning Maths is good,
if she wants to be a pilot who is any good.

‘Why does a pilot need maths?’ she counters,
‘My co-pilot will deal with the Maths,’ she says.
I falter trying to find an answer to that one,
alas! my brain can think of none!

When we take walks in the park,
I lag behind trying to keep to her stride,
she rushes ahead of me like a breeze,
that strides across oceans and seas.

One day away she will go with her prince charming,
ah! the thought of giving her away is so alarming,
thank God that day is not tomorrow or today,
thank God that day is still far away.

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