Trapped In Heaven & Other Stories – Mayura Amarkant – Book Review

Trapped In Heaven & Other Stories – Mayura Amarkant – Book Review

Title: Trapped In Heaven & Other Stories

No of Pages: 58

Author: Mayura Amarkant

Format: PDF

Link for download: Trapped In Heaven & Other Stories


There are nine stories in this book. I finished reading the entire book in one go. The stories in the book were captivating enough to keep me going till the end without putting the book down. Most of the stories try to touch you emotionally. Some of the stories are downright heart-rending and reach out to the depths of your soul. The author has a vivid imagination and has crafted the stories carefully to play on the emotions of the reader. Many of the stories reach out to your inner self by dint of a careful play of words. The story I liked best was #NoFilter which really reached the innermost recesses of my soul and left me teary-eyed. The stories are all extremely professionally written. What really stands out is the fact that these are all simple stories that are far-reaching in their impact. It is very evident that the author has a way with words and can reach out to people effectively through simple stories.


As I mentioned earlier the author tries to reach out to the reader through simple stories and a clever play of words. This works in most of the stories except in one or two where the punch line falls a bit flat. But this does not detract from the overall merit of the book.


A definite yay! I would like to recommend this short book for all those people who are interested in a quick read and are interested in simple stories with deep impact.


I am going with a 4/5 for Mayura Amarkant’s “Trapped In Heaven & Other Stories”

Rating Scale:

                    1 – Poor

                    2 – Fair

                    3 – Good

                    4 – Excellent

                    5 – Outstanding

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