Ringa Ringa Roses – Neil D’Silva – Book Review

Ringa Ringa Roses – Neil D’Silva – Book Review

Title: Ringa Ringa Roses

Author: Neil D’Silva

Genre: Horror

Price: Rs 69

Format: Kindle

Purchase Link: Ringa Ringa Roses


This book comprises of three tales. The stories are really entertaining and packaged with an element of horror that hits you on the face like a blast of hot wind. The author has a vivid imagination and makes full use of his creativity in constructing the tales. The stories have the correct balance of pace and horror. All the three stories in the book make you hold your breath and look ahead, wondering what comes next. The author definitely has a talent for coming up with horror stories in which the fear component is on the face and growls at you outright. I enjoyed reading the stories in this book thoroughly and look forward to reading more books from the author.


The one thing I found missing in the stories in this book is subtlety. The element of fear and horror stares right at your face. If you are looking for a book in which fear creeps up slowly and silently in an inconspicuous sort of way, this book falls short in that respect. The tales in this book are openly terrifying. The element of horror and terror are conspicuous and are not creepy.


A definite yay for the creativity and the entertaining way in which the tales are written. Do read this book if you are an aficionado of the horror genre like me.


I am going with a 4/5 for Neil D’Silva’s Ringa Ringa Roses. It is definitely worth a read.

Rating Scale:

                        1  Poor

                        2  Fair

                        3  Good

                        4  Excellent

                        5  Outstanding     

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