Book Review – Minor Characters Major Stories: Readomania Shots

Book Review – Minor Characters Major Stories: Readomania Shots  – By Mahesh Sowani

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Book Title: Minor Characters Major Stories: Readomania Shots

Author: Mahesh Sowani

Number of Pages: 36

Genre: Fiction – Short Stories

Available: Kindle Edition

Price: Rs 49 or Free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Link for Purchase: Minor Characters Major Stories: Readomania Shots

My Take:


This book is a compilation of four short stories. The author is an imaginative writer which is evident from his flow of words and the interest he manages to evoke despite the limited avenues usually provided by short stories to hold the reader’s attention. Short stories generally do not give much room to cause a stir unless the author is very talented. I liked the first story ‘The Agent’ the best because at the very end the author delivered a punch line which left an element of irony dangling in front of my face. It was not the usual kind of climax which leaves one gasping for breath. Instead, it was delivered subtly and made me ponder deeply about the society we live in. I liked the second and third stories too.


The last story disappointed me quite a bit. Though well written, the author has allowed his personal bias to dictate the story-line. I for one have never been an admirer of stories that rely on personal bias and propagate a certain ideology though in this particular case it has been done very subtly. I find this rather distasteful.

Conclusion: If the last story had been written along the same lines as the first three, I would have gone with a rating of 4 out of 5. But as such, I am giving this really entertaining book 3 out of 5. Please do read this book if you are looking for a short read and like subtly written stories.

Rating: 3/5

Interpretations for Ratings:

             1 – Poor

             2 – Fair

             3 – Good

             4 – Very Good

             5 – Excellent

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