The Free Spirit

The Free Spirit
The new house they had provided me was better than the earlier ones. There was a skylight. I was surrounded by vegetation. The last house had made me feel like the prisoner I really was. They thought feeding me and clothing me would make me happy. 
They didn’t realize the meaning of what it was like to roam as a free spirit. I was happily roaming the streets when they had arrested me and brought me to this god-forsaken place. Suddenly I felt hungry. Time to ask for food. I stepped out of the kennel door and barked. ‘Woof, Woof’.
Written in response to the picture prompt given by Ronda Del Boccio for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Please find other entries here.
Author’s Note: I am participating in the #SuperBloggerAcademy linky party by Healthwealthbridge Dr. Amrita and allaboutthewoman Dr. Bushra

17 Thoughts to “The Free Spirit”

  1. Anonymous

    Food and shelter is not enough. The freedom of the street is infinitely more appealing. Jilly, Sugar on the Bee.

  2. Dear Jai,

    Love the furry twist and wag of the tail at the end.



  3. Nice little twist at the end. And a well realised canine point of view. Woof!

  4. Nice to realise it was a dog!

  5. Really cute story. Loved the dog at the end.

  6. Wow, what a twist at the end. Nice post Jai.

  7. This was excellent.Freedom is more important than food .Great thought.

  8. we prize our freedom above all else, we routinely deny freedom to nonhuman animals (hereafter, animals) with whom we share our planet. We imprison and enslave animals, we exploit them for their labor and their skin and bodies, we restrict what they can do and with whom they can interact. We don’t let them choose their family or friends, we decide for them when and if and with whom they mate and bear offspring, and often take their children away at birth. We control their movements, their behaviors, their social interactions, while bending them to our will or to our self-serving economic agenda. The justification, if any is given, is that they are lesser creatures, they are not like us, and by implication they are neither as valuable nor as good as we are. They deserve freedom just like we do.

  9. Jai

    Excellent synopsis of what this short story intends to convey.

  10. Excellent post Jai. Freedom is what all matters and I love the way you have talked about a dog here. Yes, animals deserve freedom too, like us. Very thoughtful.

  11. Keeping a pet is a job of responsibility. A happy pet – that enjoys food, shelter, exercise, playtime – makes a good pet.

  12. I've never thought of pets as prisoners before. But I get how first-time pet owners might not be prepared for every aspect of taking care of their pet. Great view-point.

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  14. Perspective! there is so much that goes on in their heads and we would never know.

  15. Love your short stories based on photo prompts . Great perspective

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