On Human Emotions

Theme – Describing human emotions.

On Human Emotions

Anger, thy name is like a curse,
you cause such profound distress,
causing grievance and spreading dislike,
in both men and women alike. 

Sorrow, you fill the heart with agony,

making the soul cry in disharmony,
causing men and women alike,
to shed copious tears of woe

Arrogance, you really are a slayer of men,
who can bring about any man’s downfall,
You really play by the proverb,
The bigger they come the harder they fall.

Oh Mirth, you are the great healer,
cleansing the mind and soul,
making them purer and cleaner,
like they were never before.

Oh Love, you can create or destroy,
produce great beauty or cause immense grief,
Who has not heard of the Trojan war,
Or the beauty of the Taj Mahal.

Oh Happiness, you make the soul sing,
with profound and beautiful hymns,
you fill the heart with great joy,
you are the most cherished of them all.

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