A Night Of Guilty (P)leasure

A Night of Guilty (P)leasure

Gayatri and Varun got back to their hotel at 7 PM. There was a restaurant attached to the hotel and they decided to have dinner there. The place was well maintained, and the ambience was excellent. There were several people seated on the tables and there was also a dance floor. A few couples were dancing. A woman wearing a mini skirt was singing one of Tracy Chapman’s melodious numbers. The restaurant manager walked up to them and said, ‘A table for two Sir?’

‘Yes please.’ Varun said.

The manager led them to a table, and they made themselves comfortable. The restaurant was lit up with mild purple lighting. The entire place felt ethereal in its beauty and was decorated to spread a warm romantic glow. Gayatri said, ‘Did you notice something at St Olivier’s college today?’

‘No, nothing specific. Why?’

‘Those monkeys in the trees. They were constantly chasing us.’

‘Oh, I was so taken in by the beauty of the place that I did not notice that!’ Varun said.

‘As we were moving through the corridors of the first and second floors, I happened to glance out of the windows. I found the monkeys constantly jumping from tree to tree as we moved.’

‘I don’t know what to say, Gayatri. All I remember is there were a lot of trees and quite a few monkeys everywhere. Monkeys are curious creatures, and they might have just been hoping that we would throw them some food.’

‘No Varun. There were too many monkeys and there is too much insistence on monkeys in this whole business. I really feel this affair is somehow linked to monkeys. I am not sure how. It is a gut feeling I have. First, a tiny harmless monkey attacks Anandi and disfigures her. And now we find monkeys here. Anyway, let us trace our route further backwards. Where were you before you came to Nainital?’

‘Well, we were at the Qutub Minar in Delhi. There was a fight scene there. I played the hero’s double there too. The director had great difficulty in getting permission to shoot there. Eventually he managed, and we were given permission.’

‘We will go to the Qutub Minar tomorrow.’

‘I only hope we are not on a wild goose chase and totally off the track here.’ Varun said.

‘Well, there is that monkey hair growing off Anandi’s body. We can’t ignore that.’

Their dinner arrived soon. They had ordered Shahi Paneer, Chicken Murg Masala, some Rotis, Nan and dal. They wanted to go light on food, as they were travelling. After they finished dinner, they danced for some time. Another beautiful song was being sung by a male singer this time. He was crooning in a baritone ‘When a man loves a woman…’

Varun was holding Gayatri in his arms, and both were aware of a feeling of warmth and companionship between them. Gayatri’s body was pressing against Varun’s, and he could smell the fragrance of her perfume. After dancing for some time, they went back to their rooms in the hotel. Varun tried to sleep but what Gayatri had said about the monkeys kept going through his mind. Intermittently he thought of Gayatri and how pretty she had looked and how sensual her body had felt when they had danced together.

At around midnight there was a mild knock on his door. He got up wondering who could possibly be knocking at his door at this unearthly hour. He got up, switched the light on and opened the door. Gayatri stood there in a sheer negligee through which he could see her sensuous body. He could no longer control himself. He gently pulled her into the room and closed the door.

He lifted her and carried her over to his bed. And soon they lost themselves in the warmth of guilty but erotic pleasure…

                                                                                             To Be Continued...

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14 thoughts on “A Night Of Guilty (P)leasure”

    1. Wow! Sarcasm! I love it! The story is yet to end Tom! There is a reason why everything is happening the way it is!

  1. Interesting observation by Gayatri about the monkeys.. maybe there’s something there…
    And this forbidden romance was bound to happen given the sister-in-law’s attraction

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