The Utopian Globe – #BlogchatterBlogHop

The Utopian Globe – #BlogchatterBlogHop

The globe in front of me,
Is endowed with colourful designs,
Representing continents and countries,
Rivers, oceans, and mountains.

It has a colour for everything,
We find in this bountiful planet of ours,
Which sustains life so reverentially,
Life, not to be found elsewhere in the macrocosm.

In this globe of mine,
There are several demarcating lines.
Each demarcated area represents a country,
With a flag, anthem, and laws of its own.

A globe constantly under threat,
By nuclear wars, famine, and hunger.
A threat not due to fate or the ill will of Gods,
But due to hatred, greed, and avarice of men and women.

We know how to love each other boundlessly,
At the same time, we also know how to hate venomously,
For small reasons, we inflict enormous harm on each other.
What sort of world are we living in, I ask?

If only we knew how to forgive self and others,
If only we knew how to overcome hate with love,
Engage each other with kindness, patience, and generosity,
We would be living on a wonderful planet.

If only we knew how to share with each other,
Our material possessions and spiritual love,
Across these imaginary boundaries,
Wouldn’t it be better for all of us?

Such a planet would stand united,
Resolutely under one flag.
It would be easier to create a globe,
To represent a planet of this kind.

I look at my globe again and again,
Trying to imagine what it would look like,
If my utopian dream were to come true.
I conclude it would be a different kind of globe indeed.

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