On My Daughter’s Fifteenth Birthday

On My Daughter’s Fifteenth Birthday

Oh, my dear, sweet, and loving daughter,
today you turn fifteen years old.
Our house echoes with your uproarious laughter,
which is a delight for your mom and me to behold.

A very happy birthday to you, my dear,
may you live up to a hundred, and then some more.
I have not forgotten that you want to become a pilot.
I promise you, I will make you one before my eyes close.

Your mom and I look forward to the trip,
you have promised us once you become a pilot,
to Venice, Shanghai, and all around the globe,
stopping for lunch in Paris and dinner at Rome.

I know sometimes you feel upset with your dad
when he loses that hot temper he has,
and he bellows in that loud voice of his,
my dear, he means no harm, he’s just letting off steam.

In a few years’ time, you will go to college,
beginning an entirely new chapter in your life,
maybe away from home and busy with your studies,
but wherever you go, you have our heartfelt blessings.

Today you are with us and we are happy.
But as I mentioned to your mom not long back,
one day, away you will go with your prince charming,
the thought makes us happy but is still so alarming.

But all dads and moms have to face the day,
when their offspring have to go away,
to live their lives in their own way,
to a place that may be near or far away.

Once again I wish you a happy birthday,
enjoy yourself and have fun the whole year and day,
teenage is the best time of a person’s life,
so cut the cake and ride the wave.

2 thoughts on “On My Daughter’s Fifteenth Birthday”

  1. That’s so so so very beautiful, Jai. Each word is so special and so poignant. Subha kutti sure is a lucky girl to have you and Soudha.
    A very happy birthday to Subha, once again!
    May she have a wonderful day and year ahead and many more happy returns.

    1. Thank you so much Sudha. Subha kutti was really thrilled with the poem and put it on her WhatsApp status. All her friends read it and praised it. Today she is very busy with online classes. 😀😀

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