To My Dearest Amma On Her Eighty-First Birthday

To My Dearest Amma On Her Eighty-First Birthday
Oh, our sweet Amma, aka Dummi,
you have raised us since we were little pups,
showering us with bountiful affection,
love, care and guidance.

You were always there,
whenever your children needed you,
with a beautiful smile on your face,
and love in your heart.

You have been the backbone
of our family,
steering it through good and bad times.
You have taken care of myself, Sudha and appa,
holding our family together with the glue of love.

Be it your daughter’s marriage,
or my bouts of illness,
it was you who stood up, put your foot down,
and made the right decisions.

I remember how you took me to interviews,
year after year and place after place,
dealt with my anger and bad temper,
patiently with a smile on your face.

I remember the times,
you used to take me to Tamil movies in Chennai,
sometimes buying tickets in black for my sake,
so that we did not have to return home with me pulling a long face.

Oh amma, today is your eighty first birthday,
and you are still supporting me.
At an age when I should be holding your hand,
it is a measure of your strength that it is you who are holding mine.

Myself, Sudha and appa wish you a very happy eighty first birthday.
May you live a long, healthy and happy life,
and be there to guide us,
for many many more years.

3 thoughts on “To My Dearest Amma On Her Eighty-First Birthday”

  1. A very happy birthday and many more happy, healthy returns to Amma !
    Jai, your poems are so emotional and poignant and when they are for Amma, they are of course extra sweet.
    Beautiful heartfelt words, Jai.

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