365 Dni – Netflix Latest Release – Movie Review

365 Dni – Netflix Latest Release – A Movie Review


I would like to straight away tell you this. Don’t Ever Watch 365 Dni, the latest release on Netflix especially if you are a feminist like me. It will leave your blood boiling… Please do read on.

I normally do not write reviews of movies. I have subscribed to Netflix and Amazon Prime only recently and I have to say I have watched some extremely good web serials and movies on these streaming services. Sacred Games, Mardaani 2 and Thappad are a few of the Hindi serials and movies that I have watched. Similarly, I have watched several English web series and movies. Some of these are Main events of World War II, Designated Survivor, Breaking Bad and so on. But I have never written a review of a movie or a web series that I have watched all my life.

But the day before yesterday, I happened to watch a trilingual film called 365 Dni directed by Barbara Bialowas on Netflix and was so mad with anger at what has been depicted in the film that I felt compelled to say a few words. The lead is played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone. The movie’s premise is that a mafia don’s son happens to be watching a pretty girl through a binocular when his father is killed in front of him. The bullet that kills his fathers splices its way through the father’s body and enters his stomach too. The mafia don’s son recovers and all the time during his recovery he is thinking about the woman whom he had seen through his binocular just when the bullet enters his body. He takes over the mafia family business after recovering and becomes the new head.

The woman in question happens to be a sales director in a bad relationship with her partner. In order to repair this spiritless relationship, she arrives in Sicily with her beau. And immediately the mafia don kidnaps her and holds her prisoner in his den. And that is not all. He infuriatingly tells her that he is giving her 365 days to fall in love with her and if he would not touch her without her permission (but this not touching bit does not include pawing her body all over and treating her like his property).

The movie has a whole lot of raunchy sex scenes and each one is accompanied by music. And finally, what do you think happens? The woman in question succumbs to Stockholm syndrome (falling in love with one’s kidnapper) and falls in love with the mafia don. This happens after she jumps into the water from his yacht and he jumps in after her and saves her life. And this is followed by a graphic sex scene that lasts 4 minutes and I can’t even describe this scene as soft porn. It is almost like watching a hardcore porn movie The sex depicted is extremely cruel. This scene makes you wonder if the movie belongs to Netflix or Pornhub.

Just think, here is a self-respecting sales director who has a shrewd head on her shoulders. Why the hell should she fall in love with a mafia don who orders her about at every turn? I can understand if he shows at least some kind of softness which will attract a woman to him. But he misbehaves with her at every opportunity and is really crude and cruel. I wonder where our society is headed. I logged into twitter and checked for the # tag 365 Days and found a lot of vacuous tweets where empty-headed women are tweeting about how they want to go to Italy and be kidnapped by a mafia don.

Let us now explore the other aspects of the movie. The script is very poor and the direction is so so. But there is no plot at all. The editing is horrible. The scenes move from one to the other and every ten minutes some kind of crude sex is introduced with a song to boot. I normally oppose censorship of sex scenes in movies. But what is shown in this movie made me rethink my ideas. There is a whole lot of high octane graphic and cruel sex After all this the director has the gall to suggest that a kidnapped woman treated so crudely would fall in love with her kidnapper. This movie objectifies women to extremes.

Sorry if I am being very harsh but I am simply mad with anger that with the #MeToo movement and all the big strides women are making, we still have movies like this being released on screen. No wonder rape is so widespread and there are too many youngsters getting wrong ideas about women. In future, I know better and will definitely avoid such movies and I would like to let my readers watch it at your own peril. Don’t watch it if you are a feminist like I am. Here is a link to a YouTube review.

YouTube Review

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