My Fourth eBook “Jai’s Assorted Tales” Is Available For Free Download

Free Download Link For My Fourth eBook “Jai’s Assorted Tales”

Hi everyone,

It is with very great pleasure that I would like to let you know that my fourth eBook “Jai’s Assorted Tales” has been released for free download in the Blogchatter website. You can download the book here for free for a limited period of time.

Here is a primer about the book.

The book is a miscellaneous collection of short stories, the compilation has tales from a variety of genres like horror, humour and science fiction. Some of the tales let you burst out laughing, some make you think deeply about the philosophy of life and death, some may make you shudder about the brutality and depravity of the human mind, while others would make you shake your head in wonderment. The stories regale the reader with plenty of entertainment when stuck at home on a rainy day. It is a book for people with multifarious tastes.

Here is a teaser trailer of the book. I request all of you to download the book and give me your valuable feedback.

Also, I would be extremely grateful to you if you could take your time out and review my book on your blog. Leave your feedback on social media like Twitter and Facebook too and please do tag me.

Here is the download link once again: Jai’s Assorted Tales

Here are my social media details for Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter Handle – SmallFryBlogger
Facebook –

Looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards,
Sitharaam Jayakumar (Jai)

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