M is for the Mongoose – The anathema of a snake

M is for the Mongoose – The anathema of a Snake


You are one of those rare animals,
that are resistant to the venom,
of that scourge of animals,
the nightmarish snake.

You can fight a snake,
and tear it to shreds,
you are not afraid,
to face even the king cobra.

You are found in many parts of the world.
In Asia, Africa and Europe.
But have also been introduced artificially,
into parts of the Caribbean.

You have a long body,
short legs and round ears.
Some of you dig your own burrows,
while some live in burrows of other animals.

The females among you,
produce only a few pups in a year.
The males among you leave your mother soon,
while the females stay longer or forever.

You are an omnivore.
You can subsist on,
both plant food and flesh.
No guesses for what your favourite meat is.

Some of you live,
on tops of trees.
But some of you also live,
in habitats of water.

In remote and rural parts of India,
many a snake charmer,
entertains children with shows,
where you can be seen fighting with a snake.

It is indeed a wonder,
how the process of evolution,
has given you the ability,
to resist the venom of the most venomous of snakes.

16 thoughts on “M is for the Mongoose – The anathema of a snake”

  1. Nature works in mysterious ways but also ensures that no single creature is too powerful or without purpose. Mongoose is a fantastic example of that!

  2. These are such cute animals that can turn into fierce warriors when they see a snake. Every creature of this earth is equally important. Loving your poems.

    1. Yes, it is indeed a marvel of nature that a creature that looks as harmless as a Mongoose can fight venomous snakes.

  3. At my mothers place there once lived s family of Mongoose. They were 4 in all. I have witnessed them sauntering around the yard on many occasions. They are very harmless creatures for human being.

  4. I’d forgotten that the mongoose is an omnivore. When I first learnt about it in school, I was quite shocked that a smallish animal could fight a snake.

    Best wishes for the rest of the A2Z. 🙂

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