Jai’s Jottings is in Feedspot’s list of top hundred Blogs for writers & authors in 2020


Jai’s Jottings is in Feedspot’s list of top 100 blogs for Writers & Authors in 2020


Recently when I was browsing through a co-blogger’s very interesting blog I came across an entry stating that her blog is in the list of the top 100 fashion blogs chosen by Feedspot. She had also provided a link to the list of selected blogs. I visited the page and was indeed impressed by the blogs listed there. I decided then and there that I would like to know where my blog stood in terms of popularity and other such categories.

I found a link at the top of the list where Feedspot allows people to submit their blogs. I clicked on the submit button and submitted the details of my blog. Personally I do consider myself a good writer but in all truthfulness, I don’t have too high an opinion of myself. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I received an email from Feedspot a few days later telling me that my blog has been chosen among the top 100 blogs for writers & authors in 2020. My ranking in the list is 52.

Here is the link to the list.

Feedspot’s List of Top 100 Blogs For Writers & Authors in 2020

I perused the list and found myself in some really august company. Among the blogs I recognised on the list, there were well-established ones that teach people the art of writing. There were blogs that taught creative writing, provided writing tips for essay writing, conducted writing classes and several others. There were also blogs that taught people how to make a living out of blogging. There were blogs on marketing too. One writer I really admire is Kiran Manral and have read several of her books. I found her name on the list and it is indeed a really great thing for me that I have been put in the same group as her.

My blog does not try to teach writing skills but it is a miscellaneous blog with just about all kinds of writing in it. There are short stories, fiction, non-fiction, articles on sports, politics and several others, essays on mundane topics, a large number of poems and even some photography. I imagine Feedspot must have felt that there is something to learn for writers & authors from such a wide range and hence chose to put my blog on their list.

Feedspot provides services for improving traffic to your site at a nominal cost and they have other services also like brand monitoring and improving brand value. They also provide web design services. After I was selected in the list I truly felt I was finally getting some recognition for my writing skills. A co-blogger once told me that I am a grossly under-rated writer. Be that as it may, my readership is not too high. This is mainly because I am not good at marketing my blog.

Though I am a technocrat I am not too adept at search engine optimization and other such things. Knowledge of such things is essential to drive traffic to a blog. I would like to end this article with a big thank you to Feedspot for providing me recognition for my writing skills and putting me in the same group as some of the top blogs in the blogosphere.

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