The Decade Gone By

The Decade Gone By

From what I gather, most of the bloggers participating in this bloghop were in their twenties or thirties at the beginning of the last decade. I on the other hand was forty-four. I married very late, when I was forty and my daughter entered our household when I was forty one.

In 2010 myself and my wife were still savoring the happiness and joy of parenthood. As a family we were still coming to grip with ourselves when I ended up in some very deep trouble in my office. I have a very mercurial and hot temper and sometime in July of 2010  I lost my temper and shouted at one of my superiors in the office.

My organization threatened to terminate my employment. It was really a tough time for me as I simply could not afford to lose my job at that particular juncture and that too in bad grace. I was served a show cause notice and that was when I had to summon every bit of whatever writing talent I had and reply to the notice. Fortunately my reasons for my temper tantrums were accepted and I managed to save my job. So the past decade certainly did not begin very happily for me though I managed to avert disaster by the skin of my teeth.

The next few years were really good. My daughter was growing up and it was fun hunting for a school for her. Her innocent questions, regaling her with stories from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the tales from the Bible and other religions during bed time was fun. You see, both myself and my wife were determined that our daughter should imbibe ideals from as many religions as possible.

I was still having a tough time officially because my health was also not up to the mark and in the IT field one needs to work long hours with hundred percent concentration. But when I came back home, my daughter would come running up to me and jump up and hug me yelling ‘Daddy’ and that made it all worthwhile.

For the next three or four years, I was happily wrapped up attending to the needs of my family, attending to office and teaching my daughter science, social studies and other subjects which was great fun. I think most of the people  who are part of this bloghop are in their twenties and thirties and have experienced parenthood early in life but I realized what parenthood is in my forties and that makes it especially unique for me.

Now let me come to the other great development of my life in the decade gone by. The year 2017 was extremely special for me and it was because of an accidental event in that year that I am writing this blog post today. In our organization every year they celebrate the founding day function of the company. Several cultural events would be conducted. On these occasions I would attend the program and have dinner and come back.

But in 2017 my colleagues insisted that being the senior most employee, I perform on stage. I was totally at a loss about what I would do. Then I asked my dear friend and colleague Piyush if he could suggest something for me to do. He said, ‘Why don’t you present a poem on stage Jai?’. 

Frankly I had never fancied myself as a poet of all people. I dismissed the idea offhand. But that Sunday I sat on my laptop and wrote a poem based on my ten year old daughter’s mischievous antics. I presented the poem in the cultural event of the founding day function and it turned out to be a huge hit.

Well, I put the poem in a blog and that was how my blog was born and today I am writing this post. Initially I had planned to write only poetry but soon I ended up writing everything including fiction. For the first one year my blog was completely in the wilderness with very little readership as I did not know what and how to write interestingly.

But soon I joined Indiblogger (which is sadly closed down now) and the readership picked up rapidly. In the meanwhile in 2018 I was second runner up in a blogging challenge called SuperBloggerChallenge.

Later as part of Blogchatter’s A to Z challenge I wrote my first novella in the thriller fiction genre titled ‘Eighty Hours To Save Karen’. This was followed by another novella titled ‘The Krishnapur Kidnappings’. Both are available for purchase in Amazon.

In the last one month my father’s health took a turn for the worse but he has recovered fully now and is able to walk around and is back to his normal self. The most important decision I have taken for the next decade came in the final year of the last decade i e 2019. I have given up my job of fourteen years to concentrate fully on writing. Initially I was looking for opportunities in content writing, but that somehow has not come through and is now in the back burner.

At the moment I am working on a novel, again in the thriller fiction genre set in the seventeenth century. I also have plans of writing academic books on programming languages based on my long experience in the IT field. I also plan to take up teaching small kids. After teaching my little one I have come to realize nothing can give a person more pleasure than teaching little kids.

Sorry folks, I am rambling on about my plans for the next decade. So signing off here as this post is already around a thousand words. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

“This post is part of the ‘DECADE Blog Hop’ #DecadeHop organised by #RRxMM Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul. The event is sponsored by Glo and co-sponsored by Beyond The Box, Wedding Clap, The Colaba Store and Sanity Daily in association with authors Piyusha Vir and Richa S Mukherjee” 

67 thoughts on “The Decade Gone By”

  1. Age is just a number and to follow your heart there is no age limit. Loved reading your journey of the decade. Keep writing and Best wishes 🙂

  2. A very honest and straightforward recap of your decade sir. It was quit interesting to know how you entered the field of blogging and writing unexpectedly. More power to you and your pen. Hope you get more success and recognition in the next decade as well.. Best wishes !!

      1. How effortlessly and honestly you pour your heart Jai Sir! I was feeling that I was sitting just next to you and listening about all the moments. I never lose the attention because most of the time you are talking about your daughter and your late parenthood journey which is appreciable. I can understand if I am struggling in this age only then how it is difficult for you. More power to you sir and congratulations on your wonderful blogging journey. I witnessed this at the time of Blogchatter.

  3. Ah! And all this was set off by a bad day at work. Turns out it wasn’t such a bad thing, was it?
    I guess that’s what life is all about. We understand the reason behind random things, but only in retrospect.

    A letter written to save your skin helped you discover your writing skills. How wonderful that you plan on taking up teaching. I have always considered it the greatest blessing to pass on forward the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. And what better way than imparting knowledge to young minds.

    Best wishes in your endeavours! 🙂

  4. Though you started with a scare at the start of the decade, you have ended it with a high. Congrats on that! I hope you will be able to write more stories and publish them too. The story of the birth of your blog is sweet, thank you for sharing it.

    Meena from

  5. Parenthood re-energize the soul and body, Irrespective of age Jai ji, whatever happens, happens for good only, something to welcome the best, I believe your ride of decade had been a bit roller coaster to bring something best out of you, a passionate, brilliant hidden writer in you, and I am sure when passion becomes profession, it enlightens one’s world inside out. Wish you a very successful decade ahead.

  6. Your post is so honest and straight from the heart. Life is so strange that we end up realizing things in the most unexpected ways. Hoping that your book will become a great success. Best wishes for the decade. 🙂

  7. You journey inspires us to chase our dreams, whatever may be the age, time or circumstances. I liked the tale of your last decade and a big salute to you for your daring attitude. Best wishes.

  8. Amazing it is to know how and when situations change our destiny. Your friends’ request gave you a new direction to move. Keep following your passion. Best wishes!

  9. Those are some major achievements, Jai. Ever since I discovered your blog via MyFriendAlexa, I have always enjoyed reading your posts. Going to check out your books soon. Wishing you the very best. Keep inspiring.

  10. A marvellous journey! I appreciate your courage to stay the course when served with the show cause notice particularly at such an inopportune time! But all tough times do give us something in return and its fascinating that you discovered your writing talent in the bargain. – Pallavi Acharya

  11. It takes a lot of courage to leave your comfort zone and change your career. I admire you for that. And age is definitely just a number, your writing is amazing and kudos for giving such an honest recap. Best wishes.

  12. Loved your honest recollection of the decade. Age is just number you are still young at heart. I am sure you would agree to this. Love your blog and your outlook at life. Hope you have a really amazing decade ahead!

  13. That was straight from the heart account of your decade gone by. Very sincere and very touching. You were a late parent and I was a very early parent. All stages in our lives come with their own set of problems I feel. You left your job early and I started my career at 40 when my husband passed away. Life is such..we go on regardless. Cheers to the next decade.

  14. Here I was, thinking I was one of the oldest to start at 40. You took that away from me.
    On a serious note, you are an inspiration. When people call me brave for moving over to writing from medicine, I tell them I am fortunate I can afford the luxury. But you sir are truly brave to give it all up for passion. Your honesty spoke through your words. I hope the goals you’ve set for yourself are fulfilled

  15. The story discovery of a talented writer can’t be rambling. How eventfully universe turned you from IT professional to now a writer with inclination to teach. I have read both of your books hoping to read the 3rd one soon. Best wishes.

  16. Looks like I have company agewise!! 😉
    On a serious note who would have imagined a bad day at work could lead to discovering your talent and love for writing!! Being a father must be such fun and looks like you’re a hands on father to your little girl! Best wishes
    Radhika from radhikasdiaries.

  17. You have always come across as a direct and straightforth person. I can very well imagine you getting into the trouble that you explained in your post. I have read your first ebook and loved it. Waiting for your next to come up. (the second one is one my TBR though)
    All the best for your writing and teaching endeavors.

    1. Hope you continue writing Jai! Best of luck for your novel. As for how you started blogging – it’s amazing how the tiniest thing can lead to something so huge!

  18. Each moment in life is a treasure, age is of no consequence..You have shown such tremendous growth in your writing accomplishments in this decade..It is very difficult to share our negative points but you did..That is a victory in itself..Best wishes for even more victories…

  19. That’s quite an eventful decade you had, yes I still remember your poetry beginning if I’m not wrong your blog name was also like jaispoetry or something similar. Age is just a number no need to stress that if you have lived fully and happy a few years are also enough. I rem your krishnapur kidnappings and you are too good at fiction as well as poetry. I wish you all luck in future plans.

  20. As they say, age is just a number. It was great reading about your parenthood journey and I wish you all the best with your future endeavors. I think you’ll become a great teacher.

  21. Hello Jai ! I saw you around during A to Z last year but somehow couldn’t connect. I am glad to know you through this blog hop.
    Your post is such an honest recap and you have truly inspired me with your unconventional approach towards life. I admire people who are willing to take risks and you, sir, are certainly one. Wish you luck for your endeavours!

  22. Hey Jai,
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I have always seen what a doting father you are and how that has made you a feminist. All the best in your future endeavors. You could try out online tutoring if you have the passion for teaching kids. It’s a big market now. Also, all the best for your next novel

  23. It certainly was an eventful decade and parenthood changes out perspective about everything under the sun. It’s never too late to follow your dreams and taking the decision leave the secure job would have been terrifying too. But, I wish you get the best in this decade!

  24. That was an honest recap. Age is a number and it is just the society that sets norms as per your age. You have achieved success in writing and this is where your passion lies. Wishing you all the best for the next one.

  25. Sir, I have nothing but respect for people who take up new callings at different stages of their lives. You’re talented, eager and willing to apply life experiences into your writing. That is a surefire combination for success, in my honest opinion. Keep writing and regaling us! Happy 2020!

  26. I know work pressure in IT industry is so much and often put a negative effect on person’s health ( my husband is in IT and I had seen his struggles)..i am really glad that you had taken your passion for writing to another level and established yourself as a renowned author and blogger. I always like the way your shared your honest feeling simply through your blog post. all the best for new book. may you get loads of success in all your new ventures.

  27. It was so good to read about you, Jai. Teaching children is one of the best professionals we can take up. And yes, writing gives a sort of confidence to leave your regular job and chase your dreams. Very interesting to know your future plans.

  28. One of the candid posts I had seen in this bloghop and your post really touched my heart Jai. All the very best to you as you have chosen to follow your heart and I pray to the almighty that everything should go smoothly for you in the coming decade.

  29. Yes I read it earlier also how your blog came into being . Workplace is never a smooth platform I think . Just do your best and leave the rest . Hugs to your daughter .

  30. I believe a person finds happiness in doing what he/she loves and I am sure you will be super successful in teaching kids and writing novels. Good Luck sir 🙂

  31. Jai, As I always say, you are one of the finest writers I know and after reading your journey, I respect you even more. Your passion for writing is pretty evident that you have taken it as a full-fledged job now. Kudos for that, not everyone’s cup of tea and I wish you immense success in it. I remember reading about your office function when you recited poetry on your daughter in a previous post of yours too. Our kids indeed are our muses and inspiration to do well.

  32. Age is just a number especially for brilliant people like you. Enjoyed reading your heartfelt post and appreciate your honesty. More power to you in the coming years!

  33. What a serendipitous discovery about you being a poet. Life is truly a fabulous journey and discovering one’s poetic skills is definitely a high point of it. I liked the tone of fortitude in your post. Kudos. More power to your pen. regards. Rohit Verma

  34. Your decade was fascinating. I loved it thoroughly and also believe in the love that kids spread through their innocence. A lovely smile after a hectic day just helps you recoup for the later part of the day.

  35. Teaching gives immense satisfaction, my mother is one and I always want to be one hopefully someday. I love thrillers would totally love to read the book whenever you complete. All the Best!

  36. I came across your blog during Alexa campaign and reading your post is a joy. Your writing style is effortless and smooth. As if you are narrating it right in front. All the best for all future endeavours. Lastly, age is just a number. ” Dil to bacha hai Ji “……only those live a contended life.

  37. First my best wishes to you.
    Your words are your strength and am sure your decision into writing will give you loads of recognitions and commercial …

  38. First my best wishes to you.
    Your words are your strength and am sure your decision into writing will give you loads of recognitions and commercial …

  39. This post is a heartfelt reprisal of your personal journey. It’s interesting that you consider ‘age‘ a separate entity. We may be younger in the number of years, but our experiences have all been the same! I wish you well in your writing journey, but I also offer a friendly piece of constructive criticism- avoid the use of “Indianised” phrases like “my wife and myself”. They just don’t read well.

    1. Miss Chawla, with all due respect the Americans write American English, the British write British English. So being an Indian there is nothing wrong in me writing Indianised English.

  40. Wishing you a new decade filled with many memorable moments Jai. Looking forward to reading more books by you. May health, happiness and all good things be your constant companions always.

  41. As I read your journey, I recalled the lyrics of the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. There are only few chosen ones who could do what they wanted in their life. When you desperately wanted that you don’t miss the were able to do so. And when you decided that you wanted to pursue your passion, you could. It is god blessing indeed. Other things in life keep on happening to each and everyone but if one is able to decide his own course of life…he is surely a blessed one. May you be blessed in the decades to come and fulfil all your wishes.


  42. Your decade began with a scare that you over overcame and now a talented author. Kudos to you for handling life well. Straight from the heart emotions can be seen here. Just do what you want and not only success will turn into your lane but also happiness.

  43. The decade might not have begun on a good note but am so glad that it ended with you pursuing your passion of writing. Late parenthood has it’s share of fun and looking at your pics I know you’re doing a great job. All the best, Jai. Hope to see your novel out soon!

  44. Loved your honest recap of the last decade’s events. And Sir, age is just a number and you have proved that if we put our heart to something we could achieve that in no time. Living a beautiful life, making memories with your family and now living your passion, you had an amazing & eventful decade. Congratulation on all your achievements in the last decade and wish you achieve more success and reach heights in the coming years.

  45. You have just proved to the world that age is nothing if you are daring enough to face the world. I am so happy for you. I hope next decade will be even more happening for you

  46. What a beautiful decade you experienced. Saved from your losing your job by a whisker to experiencing your daughter grow is a mighty fine and interesting journey. To top it all having authored books and having some in the pipeline is so contending. Keep up the good work.

  47. Hi Jai, I have been a fan of your writing for a while now. I especially enjoyed 80 hours with Karen. It was interesting knowing your journey. We all have our ups and downs in life but here is my wishes for a great decade ahead.

  48. It’s really amazing to see your enthusiasm and eagerness towards writing. You have taken up blogging on a serious note and I wish you all the sucess with it. Am glad you participated in this blog hop and wrote this heartfelt post for us. It was nice to read about your journey which I must say is quite inspiring 🙂

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