The Abandoned Idol – #sundayphotofiction

The Abandoned Idol – #SundayPhotoFiction

Photo Credit: MicheleBlanche

Johnny felt frightened standing in the middle of all the rejected wax idols. These were the idols that had been abandoned midway to completion because of defects. In the light of his torch, the idols looked so real that Johnny almost expected them to speak to him. Jacky had told him that he had hidden the diamond inside the collar of an idol that had been abandoned mid-way to being made into a replica of Sherlock Holmes.

Jacky had mentioned that the idol’s face had cracks in it. ‘Ah! There it is,’ thought Johnny as soon as he spotted an idol with a cracked-up face. Johnny also found the legend ‘Sherlock Holmes’ on a sticker near the idol. Johnny put his hand on the idol’s collar and pulled out the diamond stone Jacky and himself had stolen.

The idol seemed to be watching him sternly. Johnny had lost his fear now. He looked at the idol, grinned and said, ‘So you were on your way to becoming Sherlock Holmes eh, you can’t even speak.’ Johnny turned and began walking away. Suddenly a voice came from behind him, ‘Elementary, my dear Watson!’ Johnny fainted in terror and slumped to the floor.

Word Limit: 200 words

Author’s Note: This post has been written in response to the prompt provided by the Donna’s Sunday Photo Fiction Page

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