My Second eBook: The Krishnapur Kidnappings Is Up For Sale In Amazon

My Second eBook: The Krishnapur Kidnappings Is Up For Sale In Amazon
So finally I come up with my second eBook of the year titled The Krishnapur Kidnappings. It is a fast-paced thriller that will hold you spellbound from the very first page. A short novella of just 86 pages it will keep you on the edge of the seat. Join the brilliant inspector Ranjan Raghav and his deputy Mathur as they unravel the dark secret behind a series of kidnappings and murder. 
Here is what my first customer for the eBook Mayuri Nidigallu has to say about the book:
Crisp and intelligent writing, a story line that pulls you in from the first paragraph and characters you identify with make The Krishnapur Kidnappings a very enjoyable read.

I finished this 86 page, fast paced novella in one go. Do read The Krishnapur Kidnappings by Sitharaam Jayakumar, you are sure to enjoy it.’ 
Read the rest of her review here.
Here is a brief synopsis of the book:
Jane Sridhar, a 7th-grade student of Korbin International School is kidnapped. There is no demand for ransom. An attempt is made to throw suspicion on the child’s father. But the brilliant inspector Ranjan Raghav suspects this is not a run of the mill kidnapping case. Some very deep and sinister motive lies behind the crime.

Soon another girl Beena Naik is abducted when she is on her way back home after a visit to a friend’s place. There is no demand for ransom this time either. What is the motive behind the kidnappings? Is there a pattern to it? Is it in some way related to the occult?

Join inspector Ranjan Raghav and his able deputy Mathur as they slowly unravel a web of horror, deceit and mania… 
The eBook costs a mere INR 49 and is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Head for Amazon today. Here is the Amazon link again.

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