Some Excerpts From My eBook: Eighty Hours To Save Karen

Some Excerpts From My eBook: Eighty Hours To Save Karen
My eBook Eighty Hours To Save Karen is available for a mere INR 49 at Amazon. If you subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, that is even better. Because you can download it for free and read it. The eBook was published five months back and has received some rave reviews. In this post, I shall be providing you with some excerpts from Eighty Hours To Save Karen. Do watch the video above.
Here is the link to buy the eBook at Amazon.
Some excerpts from the eBook:
Suddenly his fingers became sticky with a thick red liquid and he realized that whatever the object was, it was not an apple. Alarmed and very uneasy, Mathew picked up little Karen and the object she had dropped and rushed indoors…
Suddenly a thought struck him, and he turned around and said to Mat, ‘You know it is surprising that the blood on that object washes off all of our hands except Karen’s lips.’
The fiddler lowered his voice and said in a very quiet tone, ‘Something really terrible happened in that house Sahib. Listen carefully as I tell you the tale.’
Mat sighed. He was alien to all this cloak and dagger business. In the skies, it was your quick wit and reflex against your opponents’. If you were faster than him, you escaped, and your opponent paid with his life, otherwise, you lost your life. The equation was very simple. But here he was fighting a powerful enemy he did not understand.
As he read this, Mat could almost feel the agony the man had gone through as he wrote the letter. Mat realized that Gabriel had discovered exactly what had transpired in that house in the one week he had been absent. Gabriel knew the truth when he wrote that letter. And he had blamed himself bitterly for it. And if Mat wanted to save his Karen he had to find out exactly what had happened in that house that week…
Placed right under the noose was a stool. Like a zombie, Mat made his way to the middle of the bathroom and climbed on the stool. He raised the noose and placed it around his neck. He raised his right leg to kick the stool away…
Sounds exciting? What are you waiting for? Head to Amazon immediately. 
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