One never knew with Eleanor. Appearances could be deceiving – one moment she was very calm, the next … not so. This propensity of Eleanor’s to change moods like a chameleon was indeed something that was puzzling for everyone. No one could understand it. When she was calm she was extremely polite, considerate and caring. On the other hand if at any particular moment someone in her surroundings said or did something to upset her she would immediately fly into a rage. It was really difficult to understand this trait of hers.
When she was calm and collected she could solve the most puzzling mathematical problems with ease. She was also a good learner. Eleanor was a scientist who spent most of her time thinking about the deep mysteries of the universe. She had been able to solve and bring to light some very deep secrets of nature. But no one had been able to understand this one quirk of Eleanor’s. The result was no one really dared to trust her behaviour. Still, everyone tolerated her because she was an extremely talented scientist. But everyone was worried that in one of her rages she might do something very regrettable even to herself. 
Finally, after a particularly violent bout of rage from Eleanor, Nobel laureate Professor Harrington Weisenberg decided that enough was enough and that the next morning he would proceed to dismantle Eleanor completely. He would develop another Humanoid with a genius level IQ to functions as a scientist but this time he would pay particular attention to the behaviour patterns of the Cyborg. 

Author’s Note: Written for the prompt given by Bonnie Cehovet. Read more here about Finish the story collaboration.

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