A Brief Peek Into My eBook: Eighty Hours To Save Karen

A Brief Peek Into My eBook: Eighty Hours To Save Karen
I have never believed that I had the skills to write extensively. Other than a small independence day speech in my 5th grade and essays as part of my academic curriculum in school, I have never attempted to write anything that required writing skills or imagination on a large scale. 
It was a chance suggestion from a friend that set me off on my writing journey. My first attempt at writing was a poem inspired by the antics of my mischievous twelve-year-old daughter. I presented this poem in my organization’s founding day function and it was a huge hit. To cut a long story short, I soon started a blog and began posting poems regularly.
Soon poems gave way to articles. Articles were followed by photography. And then along came Blogchatter’s e-book carnival and I made my first attempt at fiction. I wrote my first eBook Eighty Hours To Save Karen. It is a novella of just a hundred pages and I assure you it will hold you spellbound from beginning to end. 
Here are a couple of snippets from the reviews the novella received.
Here is what Priyanka Vermani has to say about Eighty Hours To Save Karen: The writer definitely has a knack for writing thrillers. The pace of the book is very tight. No extra sentence here or there. Like after watching suspense movies you dissect the scenes in your head, as in what happened that led the protagonist to think this way or that way. I found myself doing the same for this book.
Says Nupur Maskara: This is a very different book. The author’s style is engaging. He uses detail to great effect to create the mood he wants. We get to know about the characters through their actions more than description, which is far more powerful. Looking forward to more of the author’s work.  
A Brief Synopsis Of The Story-Line
Retired air commodore Mathew Williams is fighting to save his granddaughter’s life… Why has she been rendered comatose? Why doesn’t she wake up and play on his lap as usual? Does the illness have something to do with the terrible events that happened long ago in the house they lived in?
A whole lot of questions. But no answers. Mat races against time in a perilous journey to unravel the truth. He has to maintain his sanity and above all stay alive… Join his quest to find out the chilling truth behind Karen’s mysterious illness… In the video above I give you a brief peek into the book. Please do watch it…
Buy the eBook for a mere INR 49 at Amazon here.
If you subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited you can download it and read for free…
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