The Cobbler’s Love – FFfAW Challenge – 187th

The Cobbler’s Love – FFfAW Challenge – 187th

I crept past several boats and trawlers anchored in the shallow waters of the port. Every nerve in my body strained with passion. Suddenly a shadow came out of the early morning darkness and moved towards me. Friend or Foe? As soon as the figure was a few feet away I realized it was Mahmud. I was about to speak when Mahmud put his fingers on his lips and I fell silent. Together we moved towards the boat where my Laila would be waiting for me.  

Mahmud led me through a maze of vessels and we reached the boat. I stepped into the cabin. Laila rushed into my arms. We kissed passionately. Laila clung to me tightly. Mahmud wished us luck and left. He had done all he could for us. Soon I took the wheel and set out to sea.  If we got caught Laila and I would be beheaded. I could imagine the headlines screaming in the newspapers of the kingdom tomorrow.  
‘Crown Princess Laila of the Shahi kingdom elopes with lowly cobbler.’
No of Words: 175 
Photo Prompt: Michelle De Angelis 
Author’s Note: This story has been written in response to the photo prompt provided by the 187th FFFAW challenge by Priceless Joy. Read the other entries here.

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