The Reincarnation

The Reincarnation
Professor Lily Rutherford looked at her dog Silver and said sadly, ‘What should I do Silver, all of them believe I am a crank.’ Lily was a firm believer in reincarnations. She had set out to create a machine which would transport a person forward to his or her next birth. She had already spent twenty years of her life in trying to create this incredible transponder which would take a person forward to his or her next birth.
The rest of the scientific community at MIT spared no efforts to make fun of her. She was the butt of her fellow researchers’ jokes. ‘Poor Lily, she has obviously become senile,’ they would say and wink at each other. ‘All right, I will make one last effort for the day and shut shop, Silver,’ she said and stepped into the transponder.
She wore her suit and vacuumed the inner cabin of the transponder and pushed the switch to take her forward to her next reincarnation. Nothing happened. No movement at all. Lily sighed sadly. She stepped out of the transponder and looked around. There was no Silver to be seen.
‘Ran away on one of his romps probably,’ thought Lily.
She went into the hall and switched on the TV. She watched her favorite news channel the ABC news. The news reader’s voice came clearly.  
‘Yesterday morning Professor Louisa Rutherford was awarded the Nobel prize for creating the first transponder that would take people forward to their next reincarnation. She is the granddaughter of the famous Lily Rutherford who had spent a lifetime researching her machine and had disappeared mysteriously forty years back. Lily could not do it, but the brilliant Louisa carried forward her grandmother’s legacy and has managed the impossible.’

Stunned, Lily listened to the young Louisa deliver the Nobel laureate’s speech. Finally, in a dazed stupor, Lily got up and walked into the bathroom and looked at her face in the mirror. She screamed. The face she saw was that of young Louisa. 

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