The Ultimate Leveller

The Ultimate Leveller

I was riding in the valley of death,
mounted on a shining black stallion,
trying to shake off my relentless pursuer,
who was reaching out for me like a steel trap.

Oh, he chases me relentlessly, 
up steep hills and down deep valleys,
he will not slacken his speed,
till he can crush me with all his might.

He will not give me any quarter,
he will not let me stop to catch my breath,
how long can I keep riding,
before my spirit breaks?

“Your time has come, you come with me” he bellows
I dare not turn around to look at him,
for I know what he wants from me,
is the spirit that keeps me alive.

My body is ravaged by pain,
every muscle and cartilage quivering in anguish,
as I urge my horse to move faster,
trying to shake off this monster. 

Suddenly in the distance I see,
 a fairy goddess who beckons to me,
with her arms outstretched,
holding a rose in her hand.
I then realize what I have to do,
to escape my pursuer,
if only I can smell the rose in her hand,
this monster behind me would give up the chase.

As I come closer to her,
I can feel myself growing weaker,
oh, if only I can reach her,
and get a whiff of the rose she holds!

Suddenly to my utter horror,
she drops the rose on the floor,
and crushes it underfoot,
and smiles at me.

As I urge my horse to move faster,
her voice reaches me from the distance,
“Do not be afraid, do not run” she tells me,
“He who comes behind you is but a mirage” she says

“He is none other than the great leveller,
whom all mortals have to meet one day” she says,
“Turn around and face him,
for he is your ultimate friend”

Suddenly I can see her no longer,
but my mind is now free of fear.
I stop my horse and turn around,
and look my pursuer in the eye.

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