The Book

Author’s Note: The Hive is a great platform to improve your skills as a writer if your genre is horror. This Facebook page was started recently and I was invited to follow it by a friend. What more should I say! I have simply fallen in love with the page. I already find myself checking for updates at short intervals. Till now I have had opportunity to write two 100 word short stories, one based on a photo prompt and another based on a phrase. Both prompts were extremely thought provoking and I enjoyed racking my grey cells to come up with the tales. Apart from that the administrators are very prompt in replying to comments and provide the participants a lot of encouragement. I hope to go a long way as a writer with the hive and look forward eagerly to all the challenges they have in store for us in the future. The #microtale below is my entry for the second of their competitions for a word prompt titled ‘The Book’.  Here is the post that inviting entries. Though my entry did not win I enjoyed participating in the competition immensely.

John ate lamb chops for dinner at witch’s corner. They said if you dine at witch’s corner and read a nursery rhyme about the animal whose meat you devour you would die slowly. John had neither tested this nor did he believe it.

But that night John pulled out the book on nursery rhymes he had. When he read the rhyme about Mary’s lamb his skin peeled off slowly and his body became a bloodied mess. But he could not take his eyes off the book. Finally his breath stopped. The next morning they found his dead but intact body.

Word Limit: 100 words

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