Author’s Note: The Hive is a great platform to improve your skills as a writer if your genre is horror. This Facebook page was started recently and I was invited to follow it by a friend. What more should I say! I have simply fallen in love with the page. I already find myself checking for updates at short intervals. Till now I have had opportunity to write two 100 word short stories, one based on a photo prompt and another based on a phrase. Both prompts were extremely thought provoking and I enjoyed racking my grey cells to come up with the tales. Apart from that the administrators are very prompt in replying to comments and provide the participants a lot of encouragement. I hope to go a long way as a writer with the hive and look forward eagerly to all the challenges they have in store for us in the future. The below 100 word #microtale is my entry for the first prompt they provided. Here is the link to the post that invited competitive entries. The competition is now closed and my entry is not a winner but I enjoyed participating immensely 

Tanya was sure a witch with blue eyes had entered her body just before she was rescued from the burning haunted house. The doctor had laughed at her fears and told Tanya that her imagination was playing tricks on her. Tanya’s face was bandaged. She was sedated and slept soundly.

She woke up after two hours and walked to the mirror and looked at herself. To her horror she saw her eyes were covered with semi transparent blobs. She tore away the blobs. Tanya screamed in terror at what she saw. Her normally brown eyes were now blue. Tanya fainted.

Word Limit: 100 words.

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