H is for Hilda a very sweet woman – #AtoZ2018

H is for Hilda a very sweet woman – #AtoZ2018
“Continue,” said Mat. 

“I remember Master Gabriel as a boy. He was an all-rounder. Very good at studies as well as sports. He was a member of his school’s debating society too. He was a very tall boy for his age. But he was weak in one respect. He was a weak one for beautiful women. His father was aghast at his various sexual escapades as a young man and went to great lengths to keep young Gabriel under check. But he would not listen,” said the Fiddler. 

“Go on,” said Mat all ears. 

“Well, what could his poor father do? He could not watch his boy get endlessly spoiled. These days, sahib, no one would read much into such things. But this was quite some time ago and people were a very prudish lot, especially in this remote village untouched by urban influence. Finally, Gabriel’s father decided to get him married off hoping that would change him,” said the fiddler. 

“He found a very good match for Gabriel. The daughter of a friend of his, a co-filer, Miss Hilda. The marriage was solemnized in the village church by Reverend Kirsten Amrithalingam. I was invited to the wedding and went in my best suit. All of Gabriel’s friends were there. His girlfriends as well as boyfriends. Young Gabriel felt no qualms in introducing his many conquests to his bride Hilda,” said the fiddler. 

“Well, Miss Hilda looked lovely in her bridal gown. I still remember her, so petite and cheerful. Gabriel’s father had his misgivings about what he had let the poor child in for. But he hoped Gabriel would change. Well, they got married and a year passed. But Gabriel did not change his ways. His father was heartbroken and so was Miss Hilda. These days girls would have probably walked out of the marriage. But you see Miss Hilda loved Gabriel. Finally, one day Hilda announced that she was pregnant. And all of a sudden Gabriel changed overnight. He was overwhelmed by the thought of becoming a father. He became very conscientious of his wife’s health and begged for forgiveness from his father and wife.

He began to visit the church regularly and confessed his sins to Father Kirsten. He took care of his wife, cut off the several illicit relationships he had with innumerable women and turned over a new leaf. But they say you can never leave your past sins behind. I will come to that later sahib. Hilda gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and they baptized her and named her Karen,” finished the fiddler. 

Mat sat bolt upright in his chair on hearing this piece of information.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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  1. not the first post today about a man being unfaithful to his wife. Like your pause I wonder if Mat had a secret …

  2. Oh dear! Fabulous writing Jai!

  3. I love this little bit of story. While it feels like it's from a different world with some of the slang different from my own, it still feels like I could know these people. Yeah, a baby on the way changes everything. I've seen it again and again.
    Wolf of Words

  4. Wow Jai.. the last piece made us sit upright too while reading this episode! Waiting for tomorrow's piece eagerly…

  5. This is getting Interesting. You are an excellent storyteller, Jai!

  6. As I finish reading your stories, I only feel why did it end so early and makes me think as to what might be coming up in next part. My curiosity is increasing.

  7. Sit upright indeed, is this Karen, linked to his daughter Karen, do they suffer the same fate. Eager for more!

  8. Jai, very interesting so far. This is like a film that I am watching. Waiting for the next post.

  9. The story is picking up in pace for sure. Nice bit of backstory which ties in neatly with the current events. Good one, Jai.

  10. Well well this seems to get interesting by the read. I went back two posts to continue further from where i left off to reconnect! I am all perked up now for what will happen next.

  11. Fiddler is taking his own sweet time but what a story this is turning into 🙂 Very well built up. Waiting to see what awaits Karen now.

  12. Loved your style of narration. Have read two stories, need to catch up with the earlier ones too.

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